What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is about helping the body to work at its best.  Your nervous system, which controls all the functions of your body, is protected by your spine.  Sometimes the stresses and strains of daily life cause nerve messages from the brain to get blocked.  By making small adjustments to the spine, nervous system and soft tissue chiropractors can remove these blockages so that the messages reach the organs effectively.

The philosophy is simple:  if your nervous system is working properly the body is better able to heal itself and perform at its full potential.  A healthy spine and nervous system can help anyone at any time in their life regardless of age, condition, presence, or symptoms.

With more and more people looking for a natural approach to healthcare, chiropractic is the fastest growing wellness profession in the world.  It’s now the third largest primary healthcare profession in the west after medicine and dentistry and is legally recognised in over 45 countries. (New Zealand Chiropractic Association)


What we do

We are hands on, practical and passionate about helping the unique you to be a better you. This is not a quick fix but every visit will build on the next one and as you become more stable and stronger we will encourage you with exercise concepts and healthier lifestyle choices. All this requires time and thus our visits are longer so we can prepare the adjustments with soft tissue release, then we apply a range of chiropractic techniques finished off with a few exercises and stretches.